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dying summer
bitter sweet summer days come and go
like waves crashing into a crag hidden beach
Oh, I wish to remember such fragments 
shattering tides that cower back to a timid swell
lovely desires of lost chances whispering untold
tales to blood and unblood alike. And your smile
perfectly placed and always knowing how I felt
those painful summer days that last and burn
like rays fading deeper into the nights seclusion
why, could I not forget such a segments
splattering winds that churn rapidly in the jets
echoes of hithers and laughter of hesitant pleasure 
regretful hands with damp fingers slipping  through
a grasp that I thought once gripped like I do this photo 
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
final part of a gift mark 2
Pixie stirred her latte` calmly as she continued to in-vision what she saw back there in the alley and what happened with the two griffins. The dragon in front of her drank his own and looked out at the night sky outside the window of the café within the Hayce needle building, paying her glare no mind for the most part. The weather was getting worse and it was showing steady signs of rain. Pixie had questions for him and she was going to get answers the problem became how to get those answers. “So what did you do to them?” She asked as she took a sip and set her cup back down. “I just released a sonic boom and let the fragile bone structure do the rest.”  Echo replied as he watched the others preparing to leave before it got any worse. “That had to be a pretty powerful…wait you can’t flap your wings so…”
“I don’t breathe fire Ms. Dust I never have and never will. That’s why I’m a bit jealous of you.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 0
part two of a gift
It was strange for the two who seemed to only talk about business to attempt to find something that they had in common. The walk was a silent one just enjoying the lights and the subtle sound of the breeze that blew through the city. Pixie took periodic glances at the Dragon but noticed that he was still unsure about what he wanted to say. “You look nervous.” She stated calmly as they continued towards the building. He knew he had known Pixie for at least a month or two but this was still one of the most famous figures in the industry and rightfully so, for she was cute and seemed to be able to pull any outfit together. Echo shook his head trying to play it off but the kirin wasn’t buying. “You have no reason to be. For I’m sure you have had many ask for your attention.” Pixie-Dust stated hoping she was right but soon saw that the dragon lowered his head. “Ah I…see…Well this just got awkward.” She mused quietly to herself.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 4
happy b day inverse part one
Another practice story
This is for a friend of mine I hope she likes this story it’s short sweet
And well about her character. Now I normally don’t ship my characters
With another person’s without either consent or….well yeah without that
First thing. So I was given permission by her and it is up to her to make it cannon
Or not for it is her character and so forth and so on and a big glass of OJ
Well thanks for reading all you happy people and have a wonderful day
The lights bounded with the off the night sky like an overzealous pony doped up on one of Pinkie Pies Double fudge cupcakes. It was there final night in Seadles before the group known as Light Wire Fx had to pack up and get ready to depart.  The gazelle flipped and spun her body through the air out of the light wire made cannon and in to the wire beast mouth causing all spectators to gasp till the creature started to open like a puzzle box and two unicorns stood in the center. The hoofs clopped jo
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 2
already loved.
a heart given is not a heart stolen
as simple as the difference may sound
many of the world lack the understanding
that when I fell in love with you to fates dismay
you took nothing that I wasn't already giving
my body to hold, my heart to warm
were already yours at first lips embrace
so when I ask you to be mine it is simply  to know
to gather like the petals of a once wilted rose
would you love me like I already loved you.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 4
lost fun
I could wait for an eternity but you would never come 
could sit here floating and you would still weigh me down
I who desire to escape from your love
your need to call my name and draw me back to the same song and dance
but I am the moon the stars and the harmony of the bliss
that is the night, maybe I who rule one half of a kingdom  desire to be more
desire to have that special somepony that would complete my other
and make me whole
I who shall not mention your name or your crimes
shall remain here waiting with the only thing that reminds me of you
the one thing that holds me fast to this earth that your trot on
with out the desire to look up at what I have made for us
so my love what face shall the moon show you this time ?
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 2
paper queen of desire
out of a kingdom of 52
I am the only one that sees
the refection of the soulless, for
they who beckon the green eyes
beautiful in her perfection an embodiment
of the diamonds edged around her crown
as vampiric fangs drain as they poison
please seek me who grants the wishes
of my own over, my own and I will show
you the truth that like a diamond corroded
by the impurities of life and fate. all eyes
under my prismatic light will glow
florescent, and behind the mirror of the soul
will see nothing but green 
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 5 2
passionate heart
it is simply truth
that I whose eyes bleed
the emerald sheen of eternity
should have all before her.
wrapped in purest of cuts
as every curve is a model of my own
as glistening dust shrouds
my icy world is what all seek
that is beyond the profits uncertainty
who claims such fickleties of games
to play with no winner but her own
biased choosing gambling against  the dynasty
For I am the passion burning cold,
a jaded beauty that pushes the boundaries
the limits of my little sisters prosperous
yet oh so fragile line that she herself knows
of the flaws in her love so unselfishly thrown
to every man who desires my unholy warmth
so thrive to be flawless as I to be the absolute
the greatest by any means as eyes of emerald sheen
will grant thee all of the world crystalized, immortalized
in my own personal globe to shake and watch the flakes
fall and tussle in greatnesses bitter scene, for you 
may have the glory but your sou
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 0
your place
though it may be a shame
that this be but a game
yet a simple game would have
no such order or structure or lines
between us two who duel as equals
against the grains of others always changing
I took what you are
yet left you with what you are
to the mind of the queen who
sees nothing but the dial as the trailing
numbers crunch so effortlessly amongst
the stars above and the blades below.
so show me the effort of this lowly
girl who shared her world with the spectacle
of intellectual supremacy of the never ending
dream like an ant pushing a pebble along the
white sand only to loose it with the other pawns
that she herself represents
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 0
Pocky and Rocky
Pocky &Rocky
Lost in translation
I’m just sweepen the
Dinner’s my only regret
Living in fudal Japan
As a simple shrine madain
its fantasy
demons just can’t handle me
The name is Pocky
Like the gram cracker sticks
This here is Rocky
And he’s my number one pick
When the kappas call
Oh no we won’t drop the ball
Just make sure you have pay
Don’t look before we leap
our services are cheep
Like toffee
Cause we’re Pocky and Rocky
you don’t need to fear
The heroes are right here
Like rocks see
Cause we’re
Pocky and Rocky
Everyting ill e otay
Leave it to us to save the day
Skip out on some trolls
But our shots are all on goal  
Like hockey
Cause we’re
Pocky and Rocky
Wands in my sleeves
Rocky’s packing his leaves
The journeys begun
And we’re bringing the fun
It’s a shoot’em up
What we do best
is gorilla son
rocking the tombs
crashing an airship in to
a vampires lair
cause we just don
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
my Eeveelutions
my eeveelution
cd:lost in translations
I don’t give a damn bout my eeveelution
No matter what the problem
You know I’m the solution
Any hole that you need to fill
Just leave it all to me
Cause I don’t give a damn bout my eeveelution
Red hot
Ice cold
I don’t give a damn bout my eeveelution
I’m about as unstable as the Us constitution
Fire, or ice electricity
Grass water or fairy
who really keeps track of these
Fucking Eeveelutions?
Not me
No no
I don’t give a damn bout my eeveelution
Where’s my bug or dragon that can dive in some pollution
I’m tired of hearing the crowds complain
Let’s just giv’em what they want to see
Cause we know there’s nothing wrong with adding Eeveelutions
(break down)
I don’t give a damn bout my eeveelution
Adding more types was never an intrusion
But I don’t have time to deal with the crap
I’m already a scarcity
So I don’t give a damn about my damn eeveel
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0
necrodancer song. dancing with the dead
Dance with the damned
New song yay
Long long time ago
Or at least that’s how it starts
I’ll cut right to chase where some
Jerkwad stole my heart
I know that might seem a little
Bare of course without the details
But all you need is a sword a shield
Yeah and some chain mail
Skipping back and forth with a desire
Just to grove
Seeing that everyzombie eyes my every move
I may not have a heart but I feel it when
The bass drops
No half genie hero
so would that make me rottie tops?
Well it’s rave time
In these grave times
I wanna dance with the dead
And let it rock
A six to a nine step and then
just pop and lock
maybe a little kick flip and spins
oh just simply watch
me me me
dancing with the dead.
In the underground
No one can hear your screams
Just like all in space
That exist are faded dreams
Flip it to and fro with your soul
flowing throughout you
can’t hear the shop keeper blow
Then just pump up the volume
Minitaurs and dragons will thrust
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
gift to mykio
was it my curiosity
or was it love that
captured me, and held
tight my heart within those
beautiful coils that I foolishly
surrendered all hope to escape?
Staring at the bewilderment
we could simply remain just two
with no clue, of how or why
our eyes froze in place with words
replaced by a sirens strum of oceanic
cords rippling along this crystal clear world.
this innocent moment of unknowing
where reality and sensibility have freed me
from my logic so I am no longer fears maiden
but just a child who sees the world as pure
as he who dances on the current above
and beautiful as she who sleeps within the moon.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 3
gift for conner ...
a common mistake
that people make
is forgetting that saying goodbye
is an opportunity to say hello
that stepping out of the past
and taking that memorable glance
to a future unassured
is the hardest part of letting go
but till next time my friend
when our paths may cross again 
you may smile  and chuckled 
as I tip my hat and wave
the new year will be upon us
as our destinies may draw us
to a familiar road
with familiar players in a familiar game
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 2
final part of a gift
Morning sprung up like a lily, fresh new and beautiful. For it was another day and one that she felt was better than the one before and it was best advised for she didn’t want to deal with hearing her parents all night for that experience was traumatizing for even her brother and he was a massive dragon without wings. It was thanks to Cherry allowing her to stay with her family she was able to enjoy not only the rest of the show but gather herself after her conversation with her parents. “Maybe this will be good for me.” Pixie flexed her tiny wings and walked down the halls her magic shutting the windows way before she could feel the brisk air of the winter morning.  She saw her Friend Cherry drinking a martini and looking over a book as she did so. “Alcohol runs in your veins.” Cherry looked up and sighed. “I thought my cutie mark pointed out earlier.” Pixie could tell when the mare was being funny but it was so dry it almost came out as
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 2
Third part of a gift... yay
The café glowed with the gentle and harmonious light as all the pony’s chatted up and spoke about the joys and happiness of visiting family and friends. Pixie knew she could be somewhat manipulative but she at least was able to keep her darker nature away from her friends and family but she had put herself in a corner and there was no one she could blame but herself. The shoot was two days and they all most likely didn’t want to speak to her, after the way she acted. “Well time to suck it up and get my big girl pants on for I need to…”
“Sup sup…is this seat taken?” She noticed the gazelle sitting across from her with a cup in her hooves and a warm smile across her face. “Oh…no…ummmEbony I’m sorry for what I did and the way I acted.” Ebony shook her head and smiled. “No need you were just under a lot of stress. As were we. But I think there are somethings you need to know about Talis.” Ebony s
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 0


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3,717 deviations
bitter sweet summer days come and go
like waves crashing into a crag hidden beach
Oh, I wish to remember such fragments 
shattering tides that cower back to a timid swell
lovely desires of lost chances whispering untold
tales to blood and unblood alike. And your smile
perfectly placed and always knowing how I felt

those painful summer days that last and burn
like rays fading deeper into the nights seclusion
why, could I not forget such a segments
splattering winds that churn rapidly in the jets
echoes of hithers and laughter of hesitant pleasure 
regretful hands with damp fingers slipping  through
a grasp that I thought once gripped like I do this photo 
dying summer… :icondoomxwolf: well it's been a moment since I posted a poem and I feel really bad about it.

this is a picture I saw from my friend doomy  just again wow doomy  great work and thanks
this poem expresses the joy yet sorrow of a summer trip to the beach with your friends
thank you to all my close fam on this wonderful site for making this one great I have a new possible career path a new out look on life and art and my writing is becoming better as is my poetry.

to all those who made gifts for me you all really didn't have to and I love them all. I hopefully will be able to keep sanity and continue to go for another 32 and maybe more. I love this site and love all those I met on it take care and let the world be the inspiration it was always meant to be

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