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magic shift
Foolhardily I sought the ever changing fastinations
relations that were tied by the strings of my lei line
i'll never be what I am without those without
enemies that pressed us-pressed me into a corner
never knowing how long I had till I broke, but we had
demonstrated my bound to the powers  that I represent
strengths that not everypony can have access to, is it true
I who now command many through the lei-lines we created
How much more must I learn to understand the thesis
as the pieces of your shattered emotions that I researched
verified by countless sources of its illogical comprehension...
everchangingmindset should be what it is call to simplify for all
Many have shown me the path that I now trot and in
away I have them to thank friends-enemies that 
gallop forth and threaten me and my birthright as queen
ironic or is it coincidence that I who had no desire for such
carefully cradle such ideas so close and cherish it so much
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 3
midnight cometh written form
it starts with a  countdown from ten
a new life begins; another ends
so swiftly as the dawning hour of this new day
shall be like no other for I will be christening
this new vessel of mine that I had foolishly abandoned
You return to reclaim at five oh how fleeting 
my attempts to stop the realization of my
reincarnation, born of the incredible magic seeping
into the veins of this world and only understood by
us, but it is to late my dearest other the midnight hour is upon us    
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 2
a new play list
desperation as I skip through our play list
songs that we had chosen together I now listen to
alone in this darkness bleeding within our truths
just friends as the pain soon settles in I hate this list
this list
this list of empty promises like a hairline fracture cutting 
against the grain of the smooth texture of my plastic heart.
But for some reason I have the entire album, for friendly
listens through lonely car rides I have no intention 
to hear your redemption and carry on as two who loved
the joy of music and understood when they drop
they drop
they drop of every question being asked of why her who
placed the worlds of I swear by the moon on replay 
you were nothing but my tempo something I do not
need in this life that I have arranged just for me
as I dreamed sweet release for these comparisons
to Sunday mornings that eazed into this continuous skip
ous skip
ous skip as joys raptured to the thought of her return
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 37 12
hunter of dreams
the possibilities of the chance to be a goddess
to be a creature of unimaginable beauty
power, and with a planet to supply you with
the nutrients of the life it pathetically allowed
to multiply like weeds across it's swollen backside
I grew from a pathetic dreamer to a hunter of dreams
so it is only just that I shall take the name sake of the land
the home of all those undeserving illusionists
and make it a part of my dream, no a part of my reality
yes this reality that begs to ask the question...
Are you the dreamer or just another pawn
another stepping stone in my everlasting dream
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 0
Never end
DnE ReveN
By Isaac jones
(to assist in reading use a mirror.)
          dlog dna latsyrc fo ssalg gnikool eht hguorht kool I sA
             koosrof hcihw, lrig yldrawoc tahT. reh sey, reh ees I
        .maerd a fo ytinas eht rof dlrow nwo reh fo ssendam eht
         erom gnihton derised taht erutaerc emoshtaol taht ees I
   ,detsurt ohw esoht lla evael dna, setag surebreC nepo ot naht
eht no ssa hsival reh ecalp ot gnihtyreve tiefrof dna, deveileb ohw
    etihw eht ekil rehtiw ot meht evael seY. modgnik eht fo traeh
    htiw llew def dna, doolb rieht htiw der dessolg deemed sesor
                         .sraet dna taews rieht fo xim elitref eht
     seirots dna selat eht ees I ssalg gnikool ym ta gnikool seY
     eht dezilaer that esohT .ekaw ym ni yaced ot
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
generosity sift
Sincerely I do not fret the cracks that allow my essence to flow,
always showing my concern to others but in return never letting go while
victimized by the sin of the world and being the one who turns the cheek as
every pony only seems to want a piece of what I can offer through my generosity.
Malice is not in my blood for the reality is I wanted this
everlasting perfection to become a reflection of what the world should be. 
Flawless to the eye bewitching to the souls that chatter and claim to understand
rarity for who she is and who she was; just a pony like all others, but sadly
only now do they realize the flaws that they all have and the cracks will soon expose
mighty Equestira for the cubic zirconium lie that it is, and the crofters that made it. 
Maybe they would see the glimmer of this hopeless blanched piece of coal
yielding for nothing but their own selfish whims as all ponykind is blanketed
silenced by the gloss of my rule, a perfect rule
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 6 1
what is mine shalt never be
sweet temptation
give into the realization
that I am all your dreams
placed within a blender of insanity
that this pleasurable tonic
oh this sweet bitter symphonic   
that I who have a body of a deity
desire not to be teased
painfully that this coincidence
knowing everyman shall wince
as my fangs sink in with every kiss
and I feel nothing as none are missed
so laugh as a school born lass
vemon in the veins of this seductive asp
as I cradle your helpless soul to the gates
this is the price to all  who wish to be my mate.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 5 5
Mature content
poke'star chronicles: pandora's trap :iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0
Mature content
poke'stars cronicles: pandora's gamble :iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0
Mature content
poke'star chronicles: pandora's playground :iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0
Mature content
poke'star chronicles: pandora's box :iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
dying summer
bitter sweet summer days come and go
like waves crashing into a crag hidden beach
Oh, I wish to remember such fragments 
shattering tides that cower back to a timid swell
lovely desires of lost chances whispering untold
tales to blood and unblood alike. And your smile
perfectly placed and always knowing how I felt
those painful summer days that last and burn
like rays fading deeper into the nights seclusion
why, could I not forget such a segments
splattering winds that churn rapidly in the jets
echoes of hithers and laughter of hesitant pleasure 
regretful hands with damp fingers slipping  through
a grasp that I thought once gripped like I do this photo 
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 0
final part of a gift mark 2
Pixie stirred her latte` calmly as she continued to in-vision what she saw back there in the alley and what happened with the two griffins. The dragon in front of her drank his own and looked out at the night sky outside the window of the café within the Hayce needle building, paying her glare no mind for the most part. The weather was getting worse and it was showing steady signs of rain. Pixie had questions for him and she was going to get answers the problem became how to get those answers. “So what did you do to them?” She asked as she took a sip and set her cup back down. “I just released a sonic boom and let the fragile bone structure do the rest.”  Echo replied as he watched the others preparing to leave before it got any worse. “That had to be a pretty powerful…wait you can’t flap your wings so…”
“I don’t breathe fire Ms. Dust I never have and never will. That’s why I’m a bit jealous of you.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 0
part two of a gift
It was strange for the two who seemed to only talk about business to attempt to find something that they had in common. The walk was a silent one just enjoying the lights and the subtle sound of the breeze that blew through the city. Pixie took periodic glances at the Dragon but noticed that he was still unsure about what he wanted to say. “You look nervous.” She stated calmly as they continued towards the building. He knew he had known Pixie for at least a month or two but this was still one of the most famous figures in the industry and rightfully so, for she was cute and seemed to be able to pull any outfit together. Echo shook his head trying to play it off but the kirin wasn’t buying. “You have no reason to be. For I’m sure you have had many ask for your attention.” Pixie-Dust stated hoping she was right but soon saw that the dragon lowered his head. “Ah I…see…Well this just got awkward.” She mused quietly to herself.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 4
happy b day inverse part one
Another practice story
This is for a friend of mine I hope she likes this story it’s short sweet
And well about her character. Now I normally don’t ship my characters
With another person’s without either consent or….well yeah without that
First thing. So I was given permission by her and it is up to her to make it cannon
Or not for it is her character and so forth and so on and a big glass of OJ
Well thanks for reading all you happy people and have a wonderful day
The lights bounded with the off the night sky like an overzealous pony doped up on one of Pinkie Pies Double fudge cupcakes. It was there final night in Seadles before the group known as Light Wire Fx had to pack up and get ready to depart.  The gazelle flipped and spun her body through the air out of the light wire made cannon and in to the wire beast mouth causing all spectators to gasp till the creature started to open like a puzzle box and two unicorns stood in the center. The hoofs clopped jo
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 2
already loved.
a heart given is not a heart stolen
as simple as the difference may sound
many of the world lack the understanding
that when I fell in love with you to fates dismay
you took nothing that I wasn't already giving
my body to hold, my heart to warm
were already yours at first lips embrace
so when I ask you to be mine it is simply  to know
to gather like the petals of a once wilted rose
would you love me like I already loved you.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 8


Commission: Cotton Woman :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 68 13 GOTF issue 15 page 30 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 227 38 GOTF issue 15 page 29 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 209 19 Into a land of enchantment :iconluminaura:luminaura 251 10 COMMISSION: Star Gladiator - Rain :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 279 14 In Our Shadow page 234 :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 25 30 AT :: Witchy Witch :iconbuntato:Buntato 16 1 Cute Rocky Harmony Pony Stickers :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 84 12 PV02 - 025 :iconzedrin:Zedrin 73 3 Ricardo De La Vega :iconxmaria-onee-samax:XMaria-Onee-SamaX 5 0
The Devil Will Die for a Song
You come back from the grave
another sinner, someone’s slave
Turn around and you lay
more women in your wake
Then, you take your guitar
and you strum a few bars
and then sing ‘till we’re gone,
‘cause you know, you sinner,
that the Devil will just die
for a song.
And the men shake bones, oh,
they rattle and they groan
It’s how you’re always known
push it over your throne
Then, you take your guitar
and you strum a few bars
and then sing ‘till we’re gone,
‘cause you know, you sinner,
that the Devil will just die
for a song.
The angels kick you out
The demons kick and shout
and God, He ain’t a lout
but the Devil’s got the clout
So, you take your guitar
and you strum a few bars
and then sing ‘till we’re gone,
‘cause you know, you sinner,
that the Devil will just die
for a song.
Write about me when I’m gone,
‘cause the Devil will just die
for a song.
:iconcherry-oh-sundae:Cherry-Oh-Sundae 2 0
Chalice :iconakorhaphi:akorhaphi 39 1 No Mercy for Skarlett O'Terrah :iconzp92:zp92 315 16 IZ headcanon N-Dib/Dib collab :iconreneesdetermination:ReneesDetermination 61 26
Mature content
Checking for Ripeness :iconshaxbert:shaxbert 315 44
Calamari Damacy :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 302 27


Savage Jupiter/Da
By Isaac Jones

Howling madness
within the red eye
of the darken giant
seeing not foe or ally
but only chaos and rage
swirling endlessly
driving deeply
in to the wild soul

Till clouds part
and the sky is shattered
eclipsing the world in silence
and to insanity's jubilation
as the darkness falls
a thunderous clap breaks the silence
and all that is left
is a laughter welcoming all in to the mad
savage jupiter… :iconshonuff44:  the last one
and well this was more or less inspired by how happy lita looks I mean click the link and look at her...doesn't she just look happy murdering  and purging. :iconmurderfaceplz:

 well Halloween is coming and well I have another collection and a few other poems to get out during that time.... :iconaurora-chiaro: inspired me to create what I call the nightmare series  i'll be making a journal to explain more but for now  enjoy this and go to shonuffs page to see exci works of detailed bright and vivid pieces of art.

to check out the live reading click the link…
okay is it my comp or is da sumbitable thing just fucking me over right now....
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